Beef+Lamb New Zealand

B+L NZ Tasman & Malborough Farming for Profit


Beef + Lamb New Zealand (B+LNZ) are currently funding the delivery of the extension programme "Farming For Profit" in both Tasman and Marlborough. This programme is managed and driven by the local farming community, and will take guidance from a 'steering committee' made up of local farmers.

Issues Based Program '“ Best Practice Studies and Seminars for Key Community Issues

Before introducing this new extension programme in the region, farmer feedback was sought to determine the key issues and needs of the region. As a result a programme structure has been developed; this will contain two key components:

  1. Issues based programme '“ best practice studies and seminars for key community issues.
  2. Access to relevant industry experts at local venues.

Programme Presentation

The facilitator, working with the Steering Committee and the local B+LNZ Extension Manager, will organise and run a programme that provides the North Canterbury farmers with comprehensive information that will help them to make successful management changes in selected topic areas.

Four events per year are to be run and a best practice approach is to be used which should include:

  • A clear objective and desired result for each day
  • Solid information focusing on principles using real farm case studies
  • Topics must be relevant to the district and community
  • Topics must be inline and well timed with the farming calendar
  • Events must include a practical component, engaging farmers
  • Best practice principles for farmer learning
  • Availability to all in the community who want to attend
  • Farmers are equipped with greater knowledge or skills on a specific topic and are encouraged to make management changes as a result
  • Assessment of the benefits of the programme to the farming community


  • The facilitator, jointly with the Steering Committee and the local B+LNZ Extension Manager will oversee the programme.
  • It is intended that the programme will run for a term of three years. The programme is annually renewable and there will be a review held each August with the Facilitator, Steering Committee Chairman and the local B+LNZ Extension Manager.
  • An annual activity plan is to be developed by the Steering Committee setting dates for each activity in advance, ideally setting out a 12 month programme. At the beginning of the programme and at each annual review, objectives for the programme will be established by the steering Committee, the local Extension Manager and facilitator. These objectives will be reported on at each committee meeting.