Farm Consultant

Greg Sheppard
Farm Management Consultant

Business Management | Production Management | Equity Partnerships

Sheppard Agriculture specialises in providing business and production management support to clients.

Greg prides himself with the ability to understand your personal needs and the key drivers to the success of your business. Greg will challenge your current livestock and business management systems and thinking in respect to your personal and business aspirations. All in the aim of helping you realise your goals faster and more profitably.

Business Management Consultancy

  • Strategic Business Plans
  • Succession Planning
  • Development and Investment Analysis and Planning
  • Cash forecast budgeting and management (utilising CRS's Cash Manager and Figured)
  • Facilitation of Equity Partnerships
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Farm System Planning
  • Profit Check Accounts Analysis
    • Financial Benchmarking
    • Financial Trends
    • Financial and physical efficiency/productivity

Production Management Consultancy

  • Livestock Policy Development
    • Enterprise systems
    • Key performance targets
  • Development of forage production systems
  • Feed Budgeting and grazing systems
  • Monitoring and Recording of key performance indicators
    • Reproductive performance
    • Growth rates
    • Meat and Fibre production
    • Milk production
    • Financial performance
  • Fertiliser recommendations and nutrient budgeting
    • Independant of any fertiliser company

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Equity Partnerships

An Equity Partnership is a joint venture between individuals that pool their capital, experience and skills to maximise a combination of revenue and capital growth from a business.

The benefits of equity partnerships are numerous and include:

  • creating an opportunity to benefit from economies of scale
  • growth without necessarily increasing workload
  • amalgamation of skills, experience and knowledge
  • spreading risk
  • being a farm ownership pathway
  • enabling business succession
  • personal interest and growth

Getting Started

From our own experiences at Sheppard Agriculture, we realise that the people who are most likely to be successful in an Equity Partnership are proven performers and already exhibit characteristics that are critical for the new business. It is unrealistic to expect that any level of skill, knowledge or experience will change coincidentally with the establishment of an Equity Partnership.

Whether you are interested as an investor or equity manager, we encourage you to contact us for a full copy of our Equity Partnership Guide, or to discuss any current Equity Partnership opportunities.

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If you would like to speak to Greg please give him a call on 0274 349 340.