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Profit Check (Accounts Analysis)

The Profit Check process gives an insight into both financial and physical performance of the business and allows for an overall critique of current management to be made.

Profit Check is a powerful tool that highlights the key drivers to production and profit and calculates the efficiency with which they are achieved.

The package can be described as a value added accounts analysis system. The package comprises two reports.

  • A physical production report and
  • A financial benchmarking report.

The reports benchmark trends and provide comparisons to the average and top 10% of farmers (in the farm class), and highlights how far a business is from the top 10% of the participating farmers.

The software captures the complete physical data of the property and allows it to be related back to the financial output thus showing the combined efficiency of production and profit generation for a farm. The key efficiency ratios can then be used as the basis for the report back to the farmer identifying areas of management to focus on for improved financial return.

The Profit Check system make's it easy for the farmer to identify the key profitability drivers and what they could do to capture extra income.

The fee for the Profit Check service is $350.00

If you would like some more information regarding Profit Check and the services we provide please click here to send an email.

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In partnership with LandVision Ltd FertMaster is our Independent Fertiliser Nutrient Analysis Service using the Overseer ® Nutrient Budgeting Model. Fertiliser is typically the largest single expenditure item in any farming business, which is why you need to make sure that you are applying:

  • The right nutrients
  • Nutrients in the right quantities
  • Nutrients in the right places
  • Nutirents at the right time
  • Nutrients for the right reasons
  • Nutrients without harming the environment
  • Nutrients in accordance with District and/or Regional Council regulation

FertMaster enables us to provide independent advice relating fertiliser inputs to current and future production levels. We then link this to our knowledge of fertiliser products, soils, and production systems to provide a recommendation for the most cost effective nutrient inputs.

From just $350, this is a very cost effective tool to help ensure you apply the most effective fertiliser.The service will also assess environmental effects as they relate to your fertiliser use and production levels using Overseer ®, which is nationally recognised by government bodies, fertiliser companies and the greater agricultural industry as being the most accurate nutrient budgeting tool available. This aspect of the service is becoming more and more valuable as regional councils look to audit nutrient input and output levels.

For dairy farmers wishing to gain a greater level of insight into the environmental impact of their farm system to meet Fonterra's Clean Stream Accord and or Regional Council consent requirements a higher level review of the dairy farm system can be undertaken. This evaluation is completed by LandVision ( 

If you are interested in finding out more or would like us to independently assess your fertiliser usage, please click here to email Greg.