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Feed Budgeting Course

Feed Budget Course

Following requests from many clients, we have run a number of feed budgeting courses. Delivered over a 2 day period these course provide farmers with all the information and practice required to complete and maintain an active feed budget for their own farms. Great feedback has been received from these workshop programmes. Greg has enjoyed seeing the groups putting their new skills into practice and seeing the value in feed budgeting to help with proactive decision making.

The topics covered during the two days include:

  • Dry matter and metabolisable energy - what is it and how do we measure it,
  • Animal demand - what factors influence it and what do stock require throughout the year,
  • Pasture growth rates - discussion on various districts and factors influencing these,
  • Feed Budgeting - those attending used the feed budgeting programme supplied by Sheppard Agriculture to begin formulating their own farm feed budget.

This course is run with a minimum group size of 7. 

If you'd like to register please call Greg on 0274 349 340 or click here to email him.

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